HotDoc Patient Privacy Statement

In light of recent ACCC press release regarding legal proceedings against another online booking provider, we would like to take a moment to reassure all patients and practices that HotDoc is not part of these legal proceedings and has never sold or shared patients information to third parties for advertising purposes.

Our purpose is to enable the best possible healthcare experience for everyone in Australia and part of that is ensuring patients privacy and security is managed with the highest regard.

For more information, you can find HotDocs transparent Patient Privacy Statement here -…/hotdocs-patient-privacy-statem…/

HotDoc’s mission is to enable the best possible patient experience. 'We do not believe in a business model that diminishes the patient experience in any way such as passing on patient details to 3rd parties'.

HotDoc has a strict policy around how it handles any patient data as summarised below:

  • HotDoc does not pass on any patient data to 3rd parties

  • HotDoc does not engage in 3rd party advertisingHotDoc strictly abides by its Company Promise found here