Medical Services

General Heath Check

General Heath Check

Overview of your general health including routine body system checks and routine pathology



Moreland General Practice provides all routine childhood immunisations, adult immunisations and some travel vaccinations


Yellow Fever Accredited

Advice regarding travel destinations and relevant immunisations , including general advice to maintain personal safety 

Asthma Management

Working with your GP to develop a management plan.This will include choosing a treatment that is appropriate to a patients asthma symptoms, lifestyle, risk factors and the treatment preferences.

Minor Surgical Procedures

Minor Surgical Procedures

Our doctors provide a number of different surgical procedures including skin cancer removal, and skin flaps, toenail resections, suturing, as well as family planning contraception insertions and removals

          Skin Checks

A skin check assesses your skin cancer risk and indicates any current skin problems of concern


Diabetes Management

Moreland General Practice takes a patient-centred approach to diabetes management, providing care that is respectful of, and responsive to individual patient preferences and needs. Our General Practitioners and Practice Nurses are skilled and experienced in managing diabetes.

Occupational Health

Occupational Health

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